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Dora – the love of my life Collapse )
I am at home recovering from my injuries.

Home Sweet Home Collapse )
I feel so warm and comfortable and so sleepy – I don’t think I ever want to wake up.

I snuggle deeper under the blankets as I feel someone ruffle my hair. I try to open my eyes to see who it is but they are too heavy. I welcome the contact as someone’s arms move around me and they kiss my temple.

I feel my body rise from the bed and wonder what is happening to me. I reach out tying to touch the person, but I feel nothing. I begin to panic, wondering what dark magic is taking place.

Read more...Collapse )
Hearing the Truth Collapse )
The truth about Hilary?Collapse )
I didn’t think it would be this hardCollapse )
I wish I had listened to DoraCollapse )
A New Beginning Collapse )
Full Moon Collapse )
The Cabin Collapse )